Sunday, June 28, 2020

Trump Uses Catholic TV to Attack Catholic Church

Donald Trump did a strange thing.  Speaking on a Catholic TV program (albeit the conservative EWTN), he used to opportunity to side against the Pope and the Catholic Church.  Strange thing to use a Catholic forum to go after Catholicism.  

Asked about Joe Biden's support for the Catholic Church in her opposition to the death penalty and support for addressing climate change, he was asked for his view. The president began his reply by affirming "I am totally in favor of the death penalty for heinous crimes, that's the way it is."

Asked about disgraced Archbishop Carlo ViganĂ², who has attacked the Holy Father and demanded his resignation, Trump called the anti-papal activist a "great gentleman" and mentioned respect for him.

Trump also blasted the Catholic position on DACA, taking a strong anti-Catholic position of deporting these mostly Catholic adults who came to the USA as young children.  

Parts of the interview consisted of incoherent comments by Trump including at one point he seemed to imply he had made a transactional deal with the Catholic bishops over judicial appointments.  

Trump has long made anti-Catholic attacks on the Church and the Pope. 


  1. LOL...your op-ed is both mendacious and inaccurate. Praising Vigano' is not "attacking the Pope" or the church. The Bishops of the US have been largely silent on the rioting and attacks on Catholic citizens trying to defend monuments to Saints. While Bishop Gregory seizes the opportunity to align himself with his leftist comrades and chide Trump for visiting a sanctuary with is (at least nominally) Catholic wife. Point here is the church leadership in the US is as divided as ever; siding with one is not "attacking" the other.

  2. Death penalty, DACA, climate change. He could at least shut up rather than attack Catholic positions on Catholic TV.

    1. "climate change" is not a "Catholic position"...LOL! You brainless leftists really are disconnected. While I do not agree on Trump's position regarding DACA, he is THE singularly MOST pro-life president in history; the only to participate in the March for Life. But it's clear you CINO's don't care about anything but your Democratic party.